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After-sales service
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Integrity, customer first, 365 days 24 hours wholeheartedly for your service; committed to the cause of water treatment, providing a full range of environmental services solutions.
Price commitment
Warranty period of free repair and replacement of a product quality is caused by damage to equipment, product warranty equipment, damage, commitment to only charge the cost of equipment caused by human factors damage, repair or provide products and equipment at cost price.
Information received
From the customer's telephone, fax, mail, letters and other after-sales service feedback by the Department of 24-hour reception and found the problem in a timely manner, so that life-long technical service support.
Service Process
After-sales service department of the customer service issues by the admissibility of submission after the Ministry of Technology, Engineering confirmed after-sales maintenance program by the Engineering Department is responsible for the implementation of customer use on-site troubleshooting, general maintenance, technical guidance and other on-site services are After-sales service department.
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