Welcome to Shandong Hezheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd!

Company Profile

Shandong Hezheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, for the environmental pollution project to provide a complete set of perfect solutions is the foothold of the enterprises. The company has issued by the Construction Department of Environmental Engineering special design qualification, environmental engineering contractor qualification, the State Environmental Protection Department issued the project operation qualification, also has a by the experts, Engineering, engineers and other technical personnel at all levels of high-quality environmental protection Professional team, the company's strong technical backing.

The company is committed to environmental design, installation, commissioning, environmental protection facilities operations and environmental technology consulting, etc .; various types of sewage treatment development, research and application, to undertake various types of industrial wastewater treatment, urban sewage treatment and water reuse projects, and The company will continue to go beyond and improve the self, to research and development, innovation, security, energy conservation, practical, and so stick to the same business philosophy to meet customer needs.

Electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food, beverages, alcohol, chemicals, environmental protection, metallurgy, textiles, all kinds of drinking water, water treatment, water treatment, water treatment, water treatment and so on, Branch water supply and other industries.

Company to "market" -oriented, "quality" as the basis, "quality service" for the purpose of "technological innovation" as the main development goals, to provide high-quality environmental protection equipment and after-sales service. The company has always been adhering to the "science and technology first, quality first, customers first" business philosophy, and constantly blaze new trails, leading to the forefront of environmental protection, and always in the same industry-leading position.

"To do fine works, tree and brand" is the responsibility of each and Masato. Aoyama green grass, clear water and blue sky and the people are always the ideal and unremitting pursuit. To this end, all and Masamitsu are constantly learning, and for the positive tomorrow, but also for their own efforts to work tomorrow, the collective struggle.

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